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Art in Focus at Rockefeller Center

Dominique Fung is a Canadian artist who explores the connections between tradition, memory, and legacy. She brings forgotten stories to life using historical artifacts and creates new narratives.

For her Art in Focus project at Rockefeller Center, Fung has created a 125ft long scroll painting that tells a unique story. This artwork connects the physical world with the subconscious, featuring ancient artifacts alongside contemporary figures and abstract landscapes.

In addition to the scroll painting, there are three sculptural installations on display at 45 Rockefeller Plaza. These artworks continue the themes present in Fung’s work, telling a story of exploration and discovery.

You can also see Fung’s recent paintings at various locations within Rockefeller Center. As part of the Art Sundae program, she will host a free workshop to create an installation at 10 Rockefeller Plaza, engaging with participants to build confidence through art.